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Hello everyone,
The Surge 2 continues to expand its collection of futuristic loot with the release of its second free DLC - the JCPD Gear Pack - containing a whole new set of armor and four new implants!


Jericho City scientists have cooked up new toys for players to hunt down and acquire, such as the JCPD Team Zola armor set, which is all about generating stamina to keep those combos going. Combine it with the Omni-Cell Battery Converter Implant which converts batteries into drone ammunition, and you can keep slaying without pause.


In addition, we also rolled out a patch that brings some new features and bug fixes, such as Nvidia Ansel support for PC, an option to remove multiplayer tags, and so on. You can find the patch notes below.

If you are not familiar with Ansel, below is a brief instruction.

  • Install GeForce Experience
  • Launch The Surge 2
  • Click on Alt+F2
  • Once pressed, the game should automatically pause and the Ansel overlay should appear
  • You can start playing the photo mode!

Patch notes

  • [PC] Added Nvidia Ansel support
  • You can now use an implant when another implant is still on cooldown.
  • Added an option that allows to remove multiplayer tags
  • Added the new free JCPD DLC
  • Added a second enemy wielding Codename: Engelhart from the Public Enemy DLC in order to make sure that everyone can find this weapon
  • Addressed various stability and performances issues
  • Fixed various bugs

The free JCPD Gear Pack is available right now on PC for free. All future DLCs will be included in The Surge 2’s Season Pass, available for purchase on all platforms.

Season Pass owners will also get a 48-hour head start on January’s The Kraken expansion, where they will explore new areas with new deadly threats.

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