Severe FPS drop

Ive been playing since Alpha. Its been up and down with quality. But it was playable..... untill last update. I now get FPS drop eveery 2 minutes down to 20 FPS and it lasts for about a minute at a time. Cant play it no more... already running lowest settings. I log on twice a day just to see if it improved. It doesnt. So this is goodbye from a veteran. Every update brings uncertainty as to how the game performs. Its frustrating. Ive been looking for a game like Ins without any luck.... untill PUBG LITE. Runs smooth, stabil and very nice controls. Sorry it have come to this as Ins 1 and 2 was my all time favorite. Ill still play Ins 1, but Sandstorm is too unpredictable. Thanks for now and forsome great games.

Have you tried deleting your config folder? Appdata/local/insurgency

Yes. Didnt do much..