Walking through terrain

I am finding an issue where terrain has not loaded correctly resulting in me walking through the scenery. I have trued un-installing and re-installing the game but every time I get the same issue. This affects mostly the surrounding areas but cities are slightly affected too. I love the game but this issue is starting to impact my enjoyment of the game. Please help.

I'm running the game on PC

Mobo: Asus Prime Pro X470
Ryzen 7 2700x @ 4.2ghz
16 GB Gskill trident z 3200
Sapphire RX 470 8gb

I have tried running the game with AMD drivers 19.11.3 & the one suggested on another post within this forum 19.5.2 but I get the same issue. I have added screenshots to for you to look over. Hopefully you guys can suggest something that may allow me to play on.

20191129174133_1.jpg 20191129174141_1.jpg 20191129174205_1.jpg 20191129174211_1.jpg 20191129174223_1.jpg 20191129174228_1.jpg 20191129174237_1.jpg 20191129174249_1.jpg

Looks like I managed to resolve the issue. I had to do run AMD Clean-up Utility in windows safe mode. I then performed a clean install of the latest Radeon driver (19.11.3) configured the game in settings. Game then loaded fine with all scenery loading/displaying correctly.