Hello, everyone.
I would like to change the wet texture of the windshield. I find the effect too strong when it gets wet. I also play with dynamic summer with rain. Then you can't see through it anymore.
I have no idea about these things now at all, but I have occupied myself a little with them.
If I see that correctly, three files in the "TextureCache" are responsible for the windshield.
1 - "env_windshield_detail__s_d.dds" (dirt and scratches)
2 - "env_windshield_distort__d_uncmp.dds" ( The glass itself)
3 - "env_windshield_distort_wet__d_uncmp.dds" (when it gets wet)

I read a little help here.
In the paragraph "Specular Maps" . "If you need a more “neutral” highlight on a surface, your specular map should use the opposite of the diffuse map’s colour."

I first tried the "env_windshield_detail__s_d.dds". When I colored them darker, the scratches were no longer visible on the glass. So this works so far.
But if I change the color of the "env_windshield_distort_wet__d_uncmp.dds" I don't get the desired result.
If I make the texture lighter, it looks very blurry.
If I make the texture darker, you see even less than in the original.

somehow I can't handle it that way. Would be great if one of you could give me a tip.
Thank you very much.
Greetings Timo

Aaaaahhhh. OK. I think I have found a solution, but if it is so right I do not know.
I reversed the colors of the "env_windshield_distort__d_uncmp.dds" file. And then I replaced it with the "env_windshield_distort_wet__d_uncmp.dds" file. Now you can look through the glass again, but with an effect that is a bit darker. So far I can live with that. But I will continue to try there. Except one has a good tip.
Or it helps another one with the same problem.