Issues with Camo (+Some suggestions.)

If you haven't noticed already, The camos in-game are very bright compared to how they look IRL. For example take a look at the image below:
Now take a look at how it SHOULD look
The different is night and day. Brighter colors make it much much easier for you to get spotted.

It wold be nice to see some floral headwraps like the ones YPG fighters wear, Hell, There was a character wearing one in one of the pictures when you showed a concept thingies for the story. sandstorm-concept-08.jpg

Some more hair styles would be nice too... oh and uhhh Wrist watches...

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Agreed! Some of the camos are a tad bright, and watches are at the top of my list for new cosmetics.

Ah yes a man with good taste. Good man, good man.

Hey @Muhammad,
That floral headwrop in the visual looks nice! I'll pass your suggestion on to the team.

I was gonna make a post about eventually and there's no time like the present I suppose. Most of the digital patterns are absurdly bright. 2 Digital Desert.png 3 Digital Forest.png 15 CADPAT TW.png 17 AOR 2.png.

There's a few other issues with the patterns but those are the most egregious, mostly being overly saturated
18 Tropentarn.png

oh and for some reason CROPAT is 256x256 as opposed to 1024x1024 like all the other patterns, so it's all crusty
alt text

@TyrannosaurusWex oh wow! Thanks for this visual that showcases so much detail! I'll share it with devs!

Yah, this has bothered me for a while.

Most of the digital patterns that are effected by these issues the worst are protected by copyright, and I've always assumed that it's related. They may be tweaking the patterns to be far enough off reality that they can claim to be something different. HyperStealth is particularly litigious when it comes to these things.

EDIT: Should have mentioned: excellent comparison, you've found a few things I didn't notice too.

I'd also love to see floral headwraps. Hell, I'd even put one on my insurgent character.

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@MAA_Bunny funny you should mention that, the ingame HyperStealth Afghan Forest (called Digital Forest ingame) has the opposite problem where the colors are pretty much spot on but the pattern is way off Digital FOrest1.png
But yes I've heard HyperStealth is notoriously sue happy when it comes to these things, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule though. We've got other patterns like the US Woodland and MultiCam POLYPAT, neither of which are eye-gougingly saturated and are overall decent approximations of the real thing.

@TyrannosaurusWex Yah. The US Woodland pattern is owned by the government, and I don't think they care much about this sort of thing. Crye Precision doesn't seem to mind computer games using their stuff, I've seen MultiCam, clothing, and plate carriers of theirs in many games - and Crye pants are in Sandstorm too. MultiCam was also first developed for the government, but I'm not sure if that effect anything.

Yes! We need floral headwraps!