community server configuration

@devs and community server admins

I have a coop server which is quite nice, but I am missing information on certain configuration options.
These are e.g. :

  • the resupply crate
  • the ammo cans
  • insertion vehicle driver option
  • the welcoming messages and motd

and possibly more.

Is there anyone out there able and willing to help me out?

Hey @bahzooga,

I'll transfer this request to devs and come back here when I have some helpful instructions.

@chaton That would indeed be highly appreciated by the community as I know for certain that there are a lot of people out there looking for more information regarding community server parameters.
Thank you so much

Circleus has all available options for you listed here:
project overview:

;Allow bot to show up with vehicle

if you want the ammo car and the truck to drive around, use bUseVehicleInsertion=True and set PreRoundTime=0
this way the cars spawn, but the ai models who drive them will not. they spawn at 0.3s
now you can drive them around...
to prevent the lost rounds at map loading, set the GameStartingIntermissionTime=x to at least 20... (this may vary depending on the server, try around a lttle until the lost rounds are gone)

ammo boxes work with the following hc config in the normal checkpoint section.
It's a little bugged tho, sometimes the boxes don't appear or the Ammo Cache on the final objective isn't visible... But you can still resupply where it should be... (press m and then save loadout will resupply)

;Ammobox spawn chance 1.0 = 100%

MOTD is not available in the server options (but asked for since day 1) and only possible via 3rd party tools that use RCON... (binaries download available)
you can use the greetings plugin to show repeating messages or only use the welcome message...(config starts line 229)

SISSM also has some very cool additional features...

and when I mention Circleus github and Schroeders SISSM, I also have to mention Ferrets SAW. Great Webadmin tool...

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@lt_delay thank you so much; I will try out the vehicle option right away.
The ammobox parameters though, I have tried them a lot of times using varying possibilities, and they don´t work 😞
Also, there is no resupply crate at the last objective. I have tried it several times, and I know where it is supposed to be so I would be able to find it w/o seeing it ...

@bahzooga i had a look at my config and I seem to have put it in [/Script/Insurgency.INSMultiplayerMode] in the end...

and it's also buggy on my servers. on Ministry for example the small boxes aren't there, but at the final objective, where the big ammo cache should be, is just an invisble something where you can resupply with going to the loadout (M) and then press the "save loadout" button...
on some maps the small boxes are there and also the cache at the final objective...
definitively bugged and could/should be fixed...


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the vehicle option made my day - this offers so many funny and simultaneously intense twists, it´s amazing! 😎 🤠 🤣