Suggestions on the recoil.

You may ask, Why do i make this post? Well, the answer is quite simple. You see, The recoil and Hipfire is easily inferior to Source, "How?" you may ask. That will be explained in this post.

  • My thoughts and experience so far:
    After playing almost 900 hours, I must say, The Recoil is greatly exaggerated compared to its predecessor. The Recoil on a gun without a foregrip and while standing kicks like damn mule. Especially on the first round, Which renders tap firing with weapons like the FAL, M16A4, M4A1, AKM, AK74, Very hard to control especially at greater distances with, lets say, A 2x or 4x. I have noticed the quite recent changes to the sway and recoil has been good, Some more reduction to the Recoil and Sway will indefinitely make the gunplay more enjoyable and satisfying, Not that it currently isn't as it is.

  • Recoil and Hipfiring:
    Hip firing in this game is VERY unreliable, Especially when you don't have a foregrip. Even if you do, Guns like the MP5s which use 9MM shakes left and right like a maniac. It is undoubtedly very unpredictable. Even if you may argue that it is viable, it might be doable at lets say, 6-7 meters or such at max. Here's a reference video, time stamped, By goggenator the person who dedicated enough to use a white board for his suggestion, I insist you watch all the parts. The link: Having a viable and reliable hipfire makes it more satisfying and equally as rewarding to use.

    Now, For the recoil, If you compare the in-game recoil to IRL you may easily be able to tell that recoil in sandstorm isn't very cash money. The LMGS recoil is aboslutely HORRIBLE, And is extremely difficult to control. Although i've noticed in some patch notes that the recoil has been reduced from time to time. I would obviously play the game alot more if they did things like Reducing the recoil while standing, Crouching is OK, But needs just a little bit more changes to be perfect. I can't tell you how many times i have died in a 1v1 because i simply didn't crouch or the First shot's kick got me killed. It's also very frustrating when you have the upper hand but the recoil just messes with your aim and you get killed because of it.

    The changes to sway and suppression was amazing. If NWI can make changes to the recoil, hipfire, the game will undoubtedly have much more enjoyable and satisfying gunplay.

    Anyways, This was my little post on what's been going on in my mind lately, and i really needed to get this off my chest because of the frustration i've been experiencing so far. Hopefully the devs actually listen this time and make changes accordingly, Not to mention the fact that, There has been COUNTLESS posts like this where people were complaining about the recoil. And it is unfortunately very sad that there hasn't been too much done since.

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and here we go to this point again, if people don't buy a foregrip where are these points going? AP ammo, come on, you guys got armor in there so give it a counter, AP should cost 4-5 points so you have to make a desission of getting a lot of gear or making your main gun a bit more deadlier. This was the fun parf of source, you could take any weapon, even pistols and be viable with it.

Also yes I agree, the recoil should be made more rewarding for single tapping.
I don't know why but everybody seems to use full auto in sandstorm, even at long ranges. recoil should be easy at the first 3-5 shots and get increasingly harder so people have to start firing in bursts and single shots some more.

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Hey both,

Thanks for your feedback! I'll pass this on to the devs, so they can have a look!