Hello, I didn't know exactly where to put this, sorry, but I know that there is not really a modding scene for vampyr however I was wondering what the games policies were on using it's assets to make mods for other games.

Is this something that would be allowed if the creator said that all the assets were originally from vampyr, and if they did not make any sort of profit off of it?

Would the creator be allowed to release such mods for other games to the public, or would that be something that should remain a personal project, just for the creators own use?

More specifically, I was looking into doing conversions of some of the clothes and hairs from vampyr, and putting them into some of the more recent bioware games, since it recently became possible to port meshes to games with a frostbite engine. Additionally, I thought I should note that it isn't possible to unpack the assets from such mods made with the new frostbite modding tools, if that is a concern.

Thank you.