Better "Mudrunner" mud grip and vehicles speed realism.

Re: Mudrunner vehicles and mud with higher realism

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After some further more testing and after later game updates of Mudrunner (these numbers are for Mudrunner, but could very well give similar results on Spintires), I had to re-tweak the values a little bit more. Now the mud grip is slightly lower and you may get stuck in the mud more often if you don't have something to winch onto or another truck nearby for help, but the purpose remains the same: realism as better as the actual physical model simulation allows.

Here it is:

The same steps are needed:

  1. Extract the content in a temporary place.

  2. Overwrite that extracted content into the "" file that is found in the game's folder.

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-I wish that the developers would try to use similar values (such as the ones that I've tested) as default. I'm pretty sure that a lot more hearts will join this unique game/sim after seeing more realistic physics!

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well i think the idea was for the game to be a bit balanced between experienced players as well as new beginner players. also might want to figure in the same for the different platforms. all of which could be the reasoning why the mud is the way it is.

now, i agree the mud needs some work. not sure if you were playing the game when spintires first came out (before the very first update that changed the mud), but the original mud was much better physics than either game has now. bit more friction/resistance and seemed more realistic physics wise, but did lacked in visual appeal. there were spots you could actually get stuck in, but majority of the time it was always seemed like a good struggle, but not impossible. it has been so long though that now the mud we have is the normal idea imo. will give these tweaks a try and see.