Corpse Grinder Cultists Wow! :)

Well, I guess someone just wanted to make me have great news lol.
I want them so bad!
What does everyone else think of them? (I hadn't seen them till now, so don't judge too hard, thanks)

When it comes to necromunda, best news probably for me.
Makes me wonder what other cult gangs we may get with this game adaptation and what else may be announced for the tabletop.
This one is khorne dedicated I think, which is super cool since its apparently not only me that wanted chaos god dedicated stuff, but this proves it can happen (I think someone told me it was like impossible, not sure though, I just hoped they were joking) . Just like when they had the option of encountering a chaos space marine and others in this

The variety in what you could encounter is a big plus for me.

I think they will be my favs 🙂
Anything y'all find particularly interesting?

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They look cool, but don't look terribly interesting beyond that IMO.

The Cutters do have the Terrifying tag though, so that'll be fun to play with at least d:

A side note: I wonder how RF will implement the infiltrate tag 🤔


Their looks are the main thing that got me lol.
I think they'd be interesting in general, but might be a bit limiting if they are mostly restricted to melee.
Then again I haven't seen their available weapons since they might have quite a few unique things I haven't heard of.
Can't wait to see 🙂
Now that I think of it, some of the gangs have what I believe are called House brutes.
Will some of the other gangs be acquiring these too?

I really do wonder too on how infiltration will be implemented, there are a few games that have variations of infiltrated units like xcom series, warhammer 40k dawn of war series, (can't think of any others off of the top of my head) I liked the way they handled it and xcom did stealth/concealment quite well in particular to me.

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There are many things i rather wait and see how are treated by the devs. Grappling hooks, ammo rolls and many special rules that i hope are taken proper care of. I'm very eager to think about the best course of action, but i prefer to see what they will have in store.

Also, house brutes are pretty much the impressives in Necromunda. I haven't seen the Delaque one yet, but i've checked all the others: Orlock Mining Servitor, Escher Khimerix, Goliath Zerker, Van Saar spider rig suit and Cawdor Stig Shambler. In my opinion the Zerker is the best due to his mostruous statline, but it lacks many of the special rules other brutes have that make them also very dangerous, like the Spider Rig suit that allows it to climb ANY surface or the Khimerix that has regeneration and a poison breath weapon.


When I was talking house brutes, I was meaning if eventually we might see ones for the palantine enforcers and the Corpse grinder cult. (I already knew about the ones already in lol) I can't wait to see those though.

I think grappling hooks could be done like xcom. I'm very curious on ammo rolls too,
I remember hearing that melee focused gangs were really a lot less effective compared to gangs that primarily focused on guns. (escher with all lasguns and/or needle rifles for example instead of (insert gang) using primarily melee weapons)

If that was true, I'm curious as to how they will balance that seeing as now we have gangs that are almost entirely melee based with the corpse grinder cults.

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Chances are that yes, they will also get their own brutes. Just give GW enough time and they will make something pretty nice.

As you say, being melee focused is a quick way to not get very far. Specially against Escher who are specialized in hit and run tactics (Las weapons have long range and Escher gangers can move further distances than others). But from the weapons sheet, melee weapons have many special rules that make them quite special, like the Goliath renderizer that gives +1 strength and has armour piercing, but also ignores flesh wounds from the wound rolls, making them quite deadly weapons.

And the corpse grinder may look stronger in Melee, but the Goliaths would win in a straight up fight. Why? Corpse grinder cultists have better weapon skill, meaning that they are bound to land more attacks, but Goliaths have higher physical stats (Strength and Toughness) by default, meaning that they punch much harder and they can shrug off wounds of low strength weapons.

Well, I didn't really try to imply to rush gw into making their house brutes lol.
I figure they'll be pretty nice, although the main one I'm interested in seeing out of the two possible brutes though (oddly enough) is actually the palantine enforcers.

Alrighty, so as far as melee weapons go, from what I can now figure, apparently they have a lot higher risk/reward ratio correct?

As in ranged are far less risky, but if you ever do get that melee guy in range to use his goliath renderizer or equivalent you are more likely to do much more damage especially when considering things such as ignore armor, and ignore flesh wounds

That is an interesting bit on the goliaths vs corpse grinder cultists. Honestly I find it hard to believe though.
If they are literally restricted to melee weapons (besides juves who can have pistols) then why would they not be the best at melee?

I figure it is a cost effectiveness thing, as I believe the goliath fellers are a lot more expensive then the corpse grinder cult fellers.

Also, thanks for the help fellers, tips and info is highly appreciated.

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You can say it's about Risk/reward, but i will always put it as "What you value most and what you build your guys around". For example, i gave you the example of the Renderizer axe, which is a 2 handed melee weapon with armor piercing and that deals 2 wounds on a successful hit, and on top of that you add the fact it ignores flesh wounds results, which is very strong. But you probably want to have in consideration the fact that gangers (what would be henchmen in Mordheim) only have 1 attack and if you make them dual wield single hand weapons, they would have 2 attacks. Then you would consider if it's worthy to give the big nasty stick to those henchmen or to your leader/champions, which have 2 attacks and if they dual wield they would have 3 attacks, making it something very desirable because it means more chances to hit the enemy and more wounds inflicted. But of course, dual wielding means sacrificing all the juicy bonuses of that two handed weapon, like the +1 to strength, armor piercing and the special rule.

As well, i haven't seen all the gear the corpse grinders have, but the rotary saw i saw in the webpage is terribly nasty. It has knockback, which is a great special rule because if you knock back an enemy against a wall you inflict an extra wound and if you knock them down a ledge you can potentially inflict 2 extra wounds. As well, it has armor piercing and inflicts 2 wounds on a successful hit. As nasty as the Renderizer, but it has an extra special rule that allows you to use it as a whip like the Escher shock whip, which means you can use this weapon as a short range ranged weapon (4 inches, which is short range for an auto gun). They might have more weapons with special rules, but we will need to wait to get their full arsenal.

Also, you have to consider the skills you can put on a ganger and build your little guy around an specific strategy. Like if you decide to go full melee you can make a charging force out of your gang by giving them stuff like Fearsome and Bull charge, which will make them extremely dangerous if they get close enough.

Edit: Also, forgot to mention while Goliaths have higher physical stats they have poor initiative and they have lower movement range than all the other gangs (4 inches compared to the standard 5), which is also another thing to account for.

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So even when it comes to the melee weapons (I mean specifically dual wielding vs 2 hander weapons)
There are actual reasons to not just use 1 main weapon as they both have uses based on situation, such as extra attacks or those neat special effects.

I didn't realize also that there was a rule that allowed it to be used like a whip, dang. It also makes me really curious as far as what their other equipment is. Their stuff sounds pretty nasty already. I really intend on trying to have at least one person in my gang try to specialize in melee weapon use.

I've got one more question though, Since the corpse grinder cult lacks gun users. Could I attempt to supplement this with bounty hunters or hired guns? I really hope they implement this in game for necromunda underhive wars in some way as I'd love to get to see some of these (neat to me) characters like mad dog mono, yar umbra, or gor half horn.
If its can't be answered really at the moment (cause they are pretty new i think) then my bad for asking lol.

Huh, well thats kinda neat.
Thanks for pointing that stuff out there 🙂

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Yeah, in tabletop Necromunda you gotta choose your loadout. In the long run you can build your gangers around an specifi strategy or using certain weapons by choosing their skills and allocating their stats. But it's a matter to see if they don't end up dead on the way.

So far i've only seen 2 weapons with the whip special rule: The saw from the Corpse Grinders and the Escher Shock Whip. Both are melee weapons but they have ranged attacks. As well, the Escher Shock Whip has a special rule that makes it inflict 1 wound without saves of any kind (bypasses all armor and defenses) on a roll of 6, potentially making it terribly deadly. I'm also curious how the Cawdor polearms will be implemented in the game, because they are quite complicated weapons: Like the whips, they have ranged attacks because they are long weapons, but they also have long ranged attacks because they have a shotgun/autogun attached, allowing the ganger to shoot and attack in melee without changing weapon.

You can probably get those guns for hire. I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn't unless they explain why they can't get guns for hire, like the Corpse Grinders being outlaws or something. But you also shouldn't forget that, like everyone, they will have access to Psykers.

You're welcome. I try to give my input even if i don't know everything to detail. But if i can help, i'm glad to.


Well, you have definitely been a huge help.
Huh, with all those rules, the ways weapons can be considerably deadly and the way weapons/wounds ect work, it makes me really curious as to how this stuff will translate into the game.

I wonder if they are going to go with a hitpoints system and such similar to mordheim, or maybe more similar to the necromunda TT or whether it will be something entirely different.
The cawdor gangers weapons is something that I hadn't thought about either. That would be a considerable advantage I'd figure, but then again their stat lines are not the best, and they seem be more of a numbers than quality gang, so I guess their equipment types would be an equalizer. I'm a big fan of asymmetrical balance.

I didn't even think of them having access to psykers.
They still seem really interesting to me and steadily improve to me.


Don't mention it. I'm glad for it.
The special rules of weapons and all that is a huge conundrum for me because some are pretty easy to implement while others might be incredibly hard, like the whip special rule or the shock one, which can potentially make some weapons absurdly broken. Also they said the gangs would have no weapon limitations when it comes to use which personally i consider a bit bad because it takes away a bit of flavour out of having different gangs. Specially because the Goliaths had weapons that had a lot of punch, both in melee and range and the Cawdor were the only ones with access to flame weapons.

As for the systems used for the battles, i don't know. I kinda want it to get it like the tabletop, but knowing how much bullshit the game throws your way sometimes i'm kinda afraid that it will mean lost battles become ever increasing due to the AI lucking out constantly (like scoring 3 hits in a row in a 10% chance while you miss all your attacks on a 60% chance). I prefer they stay with the hitpoint system as they have done until now seeing the RNG in Mordheim tries very hard to outdo Xcom.

Well, the gangs have always been about having a weakness and a strength except in the Orlock gangs, which are the balanced house much like how the Mercenaries are the most balanced warband in Mordheim. Goliaths have superior physical stats but poor initiative and movement, Escher have great initiative and movement but poor leadership, Cawdor have great leadership but poor gear (also cheaper), Van Saar has superior ballistic skill but their units are more expensive than other houses. All they have their unique flavour and i hope they reflect it in some other way than the stat caps.

Yeah, nobody thinks about the psykers, but you musn't forget they are there. I wonder if in the game they will implement sanctioned/unsanctioned psykers and how it will go, because in TT it's quite important to have a sanctioned psyker so he doesn't blow himself up.


Awww darn, I hope they may have made some changes to the "no weapons limitations", and like you said making sure differences are displayed in something other than the stat caps.
Maybe that is part of the reason why we haven't really heard anything, even a roadmap because they may have rethought a lot of decisions such as these or potentially many others we have yet to hear of.
I'd rather it be just like the TT to be honest. I also love how Xcom does stuff.

As long as there are persistent AI gangs instead of the mirror warbands of mordheim I think it'd be all good honestly.
Thats the #1 thing and only concern that would really effect me the most and what I'd consider most important for me personally.
Full length mirror warbands vs persistent comment thing in there for clarification as I'd rather not copy paste that whole thing.

Hopefully now knowing that it'll be coming in 2020 (not early access either) we may get to find out some good news soon.

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@GingerRoeBro said in Corpse Grinder Cultists Wow! 🙂:

Awww darn, I hope they may have made some changes to the "no weapons limitations", and like you said making sure differences are displayed in something other than the stat caps.

I agree with this, gangs need to have distinct characteristics including exclusive weapons. It just limits replayability when all gangs are so similar.

Well, i kinda hope that "no weapon limitations" means that all the gangs can USE the weapons if they loot them but there is still weapon exclusivity when it comes to access. That would still mean something but i hope that if it goes that way there is a stat requierement to use certain weapons from other gangs. For example, you need a certain amount of strength to use the Goliath rivet gun or a certain amount of agility/initiative to use the Escher Chem thrower. But as of now, we dont know how the weapons will be implemented, how the special rules will be implemented and if all the weapons in TT will be in the final game. So on this matter we can only wait.

The persistent gangs are also a must have. I'm tired of having to deal with these warbands i will fight once and never again. I really want permanent gangs and only have new ones generated every once in a while to cover for destroyed gangs or to show you that the underhive is in constant flux, having gangs full of juves with not very good gear but they still put up a fight. Because in Mordheim i got quite fed up with mirror warbands, even with my terribly broken Melee resist build on everyone. Balancing out the gangs by making them permanent would be quite nice.

As well, i hope they include positive permanent injuries like in old Necromunda, even if they were very unique and very hard to obtain. I'm rooting for this game because i want to see how they will adress all the stuff that is different than mordheim. They already have the base set up and now it's a matter of working on it.


Definitely, Hopefully it won't be that long till we hear some good news with the new year not that far off.

Can't wait for these in underhive wars.

Soooo cool! 🙂

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Yep, we can only wait. With it being so close to 2020 we may not have to wait much longer though 🙂 .
I'm rather interested to see how everything is implemented because there truly is a ton of stuff to necromunda.
(tactics cards are something I'd like to see too, some were super awesome)

Same here on hoping persistent gangs and such happen.
Positive injuries would be neat too.
Those corpse grinder cultists are looking better and better!
They'll end up my favs and I can't wait to see their implementation in underhive wars, they got some crazy great skill combos they could do too. Slaughterborn + Frenzy + Avatar of blood. Infiltrating initiates and hand flamers with boning swords? Yep!
I'd be psyched till that moment an ambull pops up lol.

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That's the thing. More or less all weapons in Necromunda are quite special because they have a lot of special rules (except knives). For example, Escher rapiers have poison and they also have needle guns (poison and toxins work differently tho) Van Saar guns have Rad Phage... There is a little bit of special in every weapon and i get it's kinda hard to make every gang have special weapons, but at least 4 special weapons per gang wouldn't be bad (For example, Escher would get Shock Whip, combi bolter/needle gun, Chem thrower and rapier.) Also, i wonder how Combi weapons will be adressed, because they have the potential to be terribly broken, like the plasma/stub gun combi pistol.

For what i've seen of the Corpse Grinders, they are truly beasts in melee. Even Goliaths would have a lot of trouble dealing with them despite their higher physical stats. Their weapons a brutal in every sense of the word: strength bonuses, armor piercing, rend special rule... And on top of that you add their unique skills. Sure, every gang has their tactics/skills, and i kinda hope they are adressed the same way they were used in Mordheim, which was a good method. Still, in necromunda there are only certian skills that can be learned by certain gangs (for example, Escher cannot learn Strength skills) and that can be slolved by putting stat caps like in Mordheim, but i think a solid restriction on the skills would be better because in TT you can level up your stats as much as you want. But the cap there is in Mordheim is also a simple and clear method to do this.


I think they may not implement combi weapons. I'll be a little surprised if they do.
Mostly because I think they would provide a lot of balance problems. However, I am no expert, so blast away if not true lol
I'd like them to implement as many special weapons as possible (as anyone else would I'm sure) but I'd even be fine with 4 as long as we are assured the rest or some of the others would come eventually.

Yep, just like I had figured, corpse grinders would end up the best in melee.
(I think they are best, but I'm biased lol)
What gets me about them is not only their massive damage potential in melee, but they are actually quite accurate too.
I hope they do skill restricitons like in the TT as well. I'd really like things to amount to more than just stat cap differences if possible. The main reason I want the game to be as close to the TT as possible, is because I don't want it to end up where playing as goliath or escher is only a difference in aesthetics.

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I wouldn't bet against at least one Combi-Weapon. They mentioned a while back they're coordinating with current run Necromunda, and in that game the Escher at least have access to a Bolter Combi-Needle Rifle. Besides that we'll see.

We also can't rule out that there could be "Combi" weapons. Nothing on weapon customization or availability, so it's possible for there to be non-Bolter "combi" types. Nothing to indicate it, but it's not exactly incomprehensible for a Gang House to build something like an Autogun combined with a Flamer.