Screen blinking bug!

Two things changed here recently. I upgraded my vga to Rx5700 and Sandstorm released new patch this week 2 times.
2 days ago (november 8 ) I tested the game just to see the differences with this new vga then the game received the second patch and now my screen is randomly blinking. The screen goes dark for a fraction of seconds and returns. I thought this could have something to do with freesync so I tried changing some configs but the screen is still blinking.

Does anyone else having this bug?

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More details: I'm using AMD driver 19.11.1. The problem is really related to freesync. I completely disable the freesync the problem is gone.

I never had this problem before this last patch though.

The performance is somewhat inconsistent yet. My system reaches above100fps sometimes and below 40fps other moments and neither processor or GPU reaches 100% usage, most of the time they both keep below 80% usage.

Hello @Shadoware,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you upload your DxDiag file here and tell us your in-game video settings?

@Shadoware do you have MSI Afterburner running? If yes, close it and have a look...

Sending info about dxdiag and video settings in game.


My monitor is ultrawide but I cut some pics.



@lt_delay said in Screen blinking bug!:

@Shadoware do you have MSI Afterburner running? If yes, close it and have a look...

I'm not using it.

After patch 1.5 this problem seemed to have gone completely but today I play a Push match in Hideout and the issue came back!

Only thing I did was to turn dismembered off and on again. Anyway the problem is less frequent and more random now.

I play many matches since the new patch release without any problem and just now it returns. This bug only happens with this game.

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