Seriously NWI developers, please listen to your technical issue forums, BEFORE THE GAME DIES!!!

Developers of New World Interactive. I come to you with this forum, because i feel like i'm being forced to abandon, the next best game to ever come out of the tactical FPS genre. Due to not fixing more problems within the game and instead creating even more problems with new content concerns. I'm not a game developer to say but working in the 3D animation industry for filming purposes, gives me common sense to say "why add something new to an already broken rig to make it even worse. As much as all of you are eager to push out more content, for us players to bring more attention to what your game has to offer. it is pointless if the game does not run well, glitches on alot of crucial aspects like animation cues and hitbox registration. As well as optimization frame drops and peaks.

I understand not everyone of your players, me included have the same machines that you guys run and test your game on for fixes and new content. But even if we all have the recommended specs to play the game in the first place, why must it still have frame drops and poor optimization issues. I hear alot of speculations that the new content for pc sandstorm and console port development is the main focus of your studio for this year and has recently been mentioned that it has moved on to 2020 next year for release. But how can that be if the actual product you had during release almost a year ago is still faced with pre-alpha or beta performance issues.

For the record i am running the game with an i5 6600k, 3Tb HDD with an SSD,16 gig ram, GTX 1060 6Gb and with Win 7 latest SP edition. Yet there are still optimization issues on some of the maps, especially Refinery. I would like to talk about another major problem you are facing in you competitive section of the game, but that will be for another new topic thread.

To make a long story short. For an indie dev studio that had greatness, in it's first Insurgency game release. Please don't make yourself into a Ubisoft fiasco with what they did with their latest Ghost Recon title. I left Rainbow 6 Siege just for Insurgency Sandstorm. Because it offered the tactical realism of warfare in a proper fashion, then the forced based ability shooter of Siege and made Ubisoft forget all about the initial Counter Terrorism-based tactics of its original concept. I would hate to see Sandstorm turn into another GR Breakpoint disaster and the funny part is your game was even out way before Breakpoint in the tactical shooter category. So please please please i beg you all, focus only on your technical issues first and then move on to the content and console portions. When all is working well in PC Sandstorm. And if you don't, i guarantee you that the remainder of your player base including me. Will leave to other tactical FPS categories like COD Modern Warfare 2019 and i even hate COD. But it is even bringing itself to the tactical team-based online shooter table as well.

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Mate the devs gave up before the game was even a closed beta, they aren't here, they ignore peoples pleas and leave the community in the dark, the community liason "officer" is just a bot.

Instead of fixing performance issues they just add to them. Instead of giving the playerbase the thing they've begged for from day 1 (the SDK) they've exiled the modding community which means 70% of the fanbase or more has left the game as they can't mod it and are sick of waiting.

News from the vine was when they started production they wanted to work on both the single player campaign and the multiplayer we have all come to know and love of insurgency, before the beta we heard they stopped production on single player to focus on multiplayer so the fans could have at it and so the game wouldn't get murdered by the community on steam reviews.

Well it's been over a year and the game has barely moved an inch since, we've had a few patches "to fix performance issues" which only exacerbated them and made the game worse for a large portion of players, we've seen a few content patches adding in a few maps, a few content patches for additional guns, and that's it. No news of our SDK, no news of anything.

The devs killed the game by trying to push it as an e-sports game when the competitive community for insurgency simply doesnt exist it's a tiny fraction of the playerbase and the game has never had a huge following to support the devs decision, yet like a lot of studios they assume lets make it e-sports ready to reel in the kids and that sweet sweet dosh, they're clearly blind and or operating under visions of grandeur.

I've played Insurgency since it was a mod for source, i was really hyped for sandstorm, but like every other title in the last few years it's just been a shitshow that never gets any better.

Many of us still play Insurgency instead of sandstorm as we can mod it, the game works and isnt a fucking mess when it comes to performance issues, just look at steam stats for both games, sandstorm is dead and has been for a long time with insurgency destroying it for daily users.

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yes this game is very buggy

this game runs perfectly for me, if your hardware is shit, then yes it will run badly, also you are using an ancient version of windows

at least this game is better than cod or siege, those games are terrible imo

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@Grave this kind of comment is not meant to bring peace anyway. People which had troubles with this game are using from top notch rigs to the minimum minimorum. I'm on the side of no-problem systems but I don't blame them for that I am running an old i7-4790K, and an old RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ from AMD. I am running at maximum settings. All ok. My friends from USA with higher rigs (i9 + Gtx 1080), they still had problems with the game. This topic was opened to send yet another signal to developers.

if this game runs badly on good hardware it is probably your own software problem

@Grave said in Seriously NWI developers, please listen to your technical issue forums, BEFORE THE GAME DIES!!!:

if this game runs badly on good hardware it is probably your own software problem

People with current gen hardware including I9 hexacores and 2080 RTX's are struggling with performance. There are some people who have no issues at all and that's great for them but many more of us have issues with an engine that should not be struggling on hardware that is better than the specified requirement, patches have only made things worse for a lot of players hence why this game is dead and these forums are dead.

Hey JPsniper,

I appreciate your feedback. I plan to be more active here on the forums in order to help the busy dev team see bug reports and other issues. You may have noticed that there has been a lull in new content, and that is because the team is focusing a lot on optimization, bug fixes, and polish. I can assure you that they are working hard on this.