To celebrate Halloween and all of its horrors, we’ve launched a new screenshot contest!

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Now is the time for scary screenshots showing the horrors and scariest side of A Plague Tale: Innocence! The most horrifying screenshot will win A Plague Tale: Innocence prize!

How do I participate?

You have until November 11 to publish your shots on Twitter or Instagram with the #PlagueTaleShots. Winners will be revealed on November 15. All screenshots from A Plague Tale: Innocence are accepted but the aim here is to be spooky!

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How will the winners be chosen?

The Asobo team will choose the winner of the contest.

When should I publish my fan art?

You have until November 11 to share your screenshots on social media (Twitter &/or Instagram) with the #PlagueTaleShots. Our team will then take a look at all the screenshots and select the winners. Results will be announced on November 15.

What is the prize ?

The winner will receive a Black Screen Records vinyl signed by our composer Olivier Deriviere and a beautiful rat pin!

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Happy Halloween! May your screenshot be the most horrifying of them all!