[SUGGESTION] Low quality picture in picture zoom!

I dont know if that's possible, but instead of render the map 2 times to create a picture in picture zoom effect, if you just use some simple zoom in the image only in the scope FOV, that could be good enough and less performance demanding.

This would create a lower quality picture in picture effect but why not? The following image shows that a simple zoom is still useful:

alt text

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im guessing this is only feasible for 1.5x and 2x optics..


+1 to this idea

"Picture In Picture" zooming uses way too much resources but you keep more peripheral vision
"Normal" zoom mode kills your peripherals

Shadoware's suggestion gives the best of both worlds. In fact, I'll give it another +1.
So that's +2 from me.

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Picture in picture is less demanding if you disable AA ingame and force it in your control panel, i went from 20 fps with pip scopes to 50+ and my game actually looks a lot better.

What type of AA do you use?