Hi all!

Just joined the site because I am having some technical issues. Was wondering if anyone could help.

I bought Vampyr for my PS4 Slim (Which was bought about two weeks ago brand new) and it was working really good until a day ago. I have the digital download by the way. Any time I have Jonathan go to bed, it has a high chance of crashing. I say chance because it doesn’t always happen, but usually does. It happened 5 or 6 times in the past two days already. I have well over 200 to 300 GB worth of space on my PS4. Also both game and PS4 is updated fully. The only thing that doesn’t make this totally irritating is the autosave function.

I has a problem with another game crashing and was told to refresh my cache. It didn’t work and I have no hopes for it working here either. I am really enjoying this game and am very upset that it keeps crashing whenever I try to level myself up. I am on Act 2 I believe if that helps.

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