I'm getting really bored of being verbally abused

hello all, I've been playing this since it was released and I like it, mainly due to the minimal HUD and player info like no radar or ammo count, things like this are a refreshing change in an online multiplayer combat game. I've been playing games like this since counter strike 1.5 on a 56k modem when a ping of 600 was good lol

What's not changed is players constantly telling me to f**k my mother or my sister, or I'm a gay or I'm an N-word, or the one time a female voice was heard other player losing their mind because a female is playing.

I understand that this is difficult to police but nearly every game some poor loser feels he needs to refill his masculinity by shouting abusive comments at other players. I know this problem isnt exclusive to your game but it's just getting really boring.



Hello @zatoichibeat , we are sorry that you had this kind of experience. If you have recorded videos or proof in order to report these players it will be great. We will check what we can do.
I hope you enjoy Insurgency Sandstorm despite of toxic players. 🙂

Apparently, the abuse doesn't stop there as you can get the same kind of treatment on these official forums as well: