Vampyr is now available on Nintendo Switch!

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Vampyr is out now on Nintendo Switch™! Discover more about this dark adventure’s first portable outing in the intense Launch Trailer today.

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Set in an unforgettable interpretation of 1918 London, Vampyr puts you in the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly-turned vampire. Confronted with a new world of ancient horrors and hidden societies, you’re challenged with saving a dying city’s citizens while uncovering the truth behind your terrible condition.

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Choose to be the savior or the stalker.

The blood of London’s citizens fuels your new-found powers in order to overcome supernatural foes. However, feed too freely, and you may doom the city for eternity. The consequences of each life taken will send ripples through each of London’s districts – who will you sacrifice for the greater good?

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Vampyr is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Get it now:

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Can you please patch this on Switch to improve the performance? It’s pretty bad in some areas, especially around Pembroke Hospital. It’s a good game but ruined somewhat by the performance. Because you’re charging so much money for this you really should focus on making it run better.