Bug: graphicconfig.txt

Today I was unable to start Greedfall on Windows 10 x64 and saw the application process would terminate almost immediately with no error message or crash log. After some troubleshooting I found that my graphicconfig.txt contained this line that was causing the issue:

TEXTUREQUALITY=1065353216   // 0 : Medium / 1 : High / 2 : Ultra

I did modify the graphics settings in the in-game settings screen the last time I played. 1065353216 is the 32-bit integer representation of the same bits that represent the 32-bit float 1.0f, so I had probably set the texture quality to high.

Really the game should fallback to default values when it finds unexpected configuration values or at least give some error message before terminating.

Hello @tastymuffins . Did you do anything in your files before this bug happens ?