Under the map

Not sure if this is a glitch or the person is cheating but tonight I was in one game where the same player was constantly under the refinery map. We played both sides and after spectating them they were bunny hopping really quickly then disappeared underneath the map.

Not seen this before so enlighten me. Is it a glitch or some form of cheating.

Hello @Wrathchild68 . Do you have any screenshots or record a video about it ?

Yes I do. I will upload it to Youtube then post the link on here. I also have the link to this persons Steam profile if you want it.

Link to Youtube video. https://youtu.be/bwdQhKtalCo

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Ok, I'm almost sure that's a bug, but in order to be completly sure I send it to the devevloppers.
Thanks you for your report. 🙂

ot also happens on different maps when the crouch.

dont have a video but I've seen it with different players