Petition: REMOVE the new 1.4.2 sprinting head bob animation

Setting the controversial movement changes aside, the new 1.4.2 sprinting head bob animation is unnecessary at best, nauseating and undesirable at worst. It has introduced motion sickness to me (and a lot of others) to the point where we have to disable "Camera Animations" in the options menu in order to have a chance at playing the game for any period longer than 10 minutes without feeling disoriented and distressed.

At the current state, we are basically forced to lose all camera animations because of this.

NWI, please remove it completely from the game or list it as a totally separate option which we can then conveniently disable and dispose of.

it feels like running on knees

remove it asap

@icysteam yep, motion sickness is ridiculous, i made another post about it, didn't see yours.

not only it looks ridiculous, most importantly it hurts my brain, i can't bare it more than 2 min. i just turn the game off

Hello @icysteam . If you're not confortable with the headbob you can disable it in your options. 🙂

@Reymey Currently, disabling "Head Bob" in the options menu does nothing; "Camera Animations" is somehow responsible for this newly introduced effect, which is less than ideal (other favorable animations are lost along with it).

Ok maybe there is bug about that. I report it. Thank you everyone 🙂