Suggest that Co-op AI is an area for improvement still

There have certainly been improvements, but I feel that most of them are bug fixes or unintended behaviors. I am hoping that at some point their movement and strategy is improved. They behave the same as in Source Insurgency: they walk a straight line to the most recent contact with a player or objective.

I can only imagine how hard switching to Unreal was, but I would like for them to be a bit more sophisticated eventually... using cover, flanking, and not charging through a lit molotov.

still waiting for the bots to be less broken months later

"While not in our Roadmap, we have heard feedback and begun working on an AI overhaul which unfortunately must be delayed until next year as well. In order to best-service our cooperative modes, as well as our night maps, we’re working on reducing inconsistencies within our AI’s behavior trees. However, this is a time consuming process, and given how loaded our sprints are between now and the end of the year, we didn’t feel there was time to complete this task in its entirety at the level we desired.", the good news is that they are looking to overhaul the AI (not just little tweaks). The bad news is that it will be next year. I have to imagine it will be sometime before console release but that's just an assumption.

the bots should have been fixed before the game was released, not 1+ year later

I have Sandstorm uninstalled for like 3 months now, mostly because of the atrocious AI.
I wanted to know where the current updates stand, so thanks guys for bringing it to my attention.

I guess I'll wait till next year, when the AI will be overhauled completely. Then I'll give this game another chance.

@Sgt-Kanyo I should probably do the same thing. I uninstalled for a month a while back and when i did come back it was better for a while but it is getting brutal again. Might have to quit until the New Year.