[Settings] Add option to prevent weapon auto-switch on grenade pick-up

One thing that annoys me quite a bit is the inability to disable weapon autoswitch during pickup. When I swap a weapon, that's totally understandable and fine, but when I pick up grenades I may not want to use them then and there.

Since weapon switch is so ridiculously slow, the effect is further emphasised, when I get to pick a frag, then get jumped by a bunch of AI with that grenade still in my hand. I won't event have time to toss it at them.

All I want to do, is to be able to pick up a grenade and stow it in my pouches then get back to my previous weapon automatically. Keep the animation, keep the delay, just don't leave me stranded with a 'nade in my hand! 😉

To pick up a grenade from the ground, you need to use your hand. I'm actually glad that Sandstorm doesn't have the grenade magically teleport into your pouch like most games.

Or are you just asking that you automatically switch back to your gun when you pick one up? Basically bypassing pressing the "1" key? Because that I would be OK with.