What in the world, NWI...

"Smokes are still broken? Let's make a new game mode!"

Listen, nobody is going to come to this game because of a new game mode. Nobody is going to stay because of a new game mode. People are leaving this game because it's broken in some of the most basic core aspects of modern FPS games. This game is almost a year after official release, and the biggest change since the Beta is that it runs a little faster and our attachments don't bug out all the time.

The smokes are still broken. The matchmaking is atrocious. There is no team balancing mechanic AT ALL. Textures on hundreds of assets don't match their collision edges. Guns and players poke through doors and walls.

This game plays like an early access title, which is fucking sad because what this game gets right it REALLY gets right. This game easily has some of the best gun mechanics of any modern title. But that doesn't matter if the other 80% of every player's game time is spent dealing with broken bullshit.



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there will be no balance since theres no enough players in the game.

I have many ideas - but id like to speak with developers directly(chat or email) . no just throwing ideas in their faces.

if u want to make this game playable contact me directly. otherwise consider this game to be dead.

you have email, chat, forum .. whatever. id like to speak with u but without "i'll pass that to developers".

game is dying - and u could make it another big 3x A game. but u dont listen.

for now im leaving this game. no point to play it as u think that adding another shitty animation like running on knees would help. that was the only shooter i could play. looks nice, have nice potential. but so far u r making it worse.

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"These are not excuses; this is the way we are moving forward. We are HAPPY to have a dialogue with players who want to help us continue to develop and grow this game. We had over 200 people show up to our first day of open dialogue, which was exciting and rewarding for all of us here at New World Interactive. We recently conducted 4 separate sessions for competitive feedback (2 for the North America region, and 2 for the EU region) which we’ll be analyzing and processing over the next few weeks. We’re hoping to conduct more of these focused discussion sessions in the future, but for the time being, we have hundreds of feedback items to measure and parse."

do you smoke?

better quit.

i'm trying to reach you. but no success. i left the game. gl hf with ur fun and happiness. and i want my refund.