[SUGGESTION] New movemnt!

When the soldier fall from some high place it screams and suffer some hurt.
One more cool option would be the soldier to roll, this way we could jump from higher places without damage but while rolling the soldier could take some time to be with his weapon prepared and aiming too.

Something like this would be much cooler than whats happen today:

See at 28 seconds in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_6N46lFpzA

That is alike parachute jumpers sometimes do to absorb impact.

No, it would be unrealistic. Rolling only works if you have more horizontal speed than vertical speed when landing (or if you fall downhill). Special forces use rolling for example when jumping out from a moving vehicle.

It could be a side way roll with no damage like this video!

Ability to jump from high places without damage, and without really stop the movement would be cool. Today if you jump from height in the game you can still shoot fast but become unable to move fast for some seconds. If we could instead, move fast and wait a bit more to shoot, it would be more fun, because we could drop and look for cover and keep motion flowing.

Drop from height is fun! If you drop from an extremely high place(like 6 meters and above), your weapon could also drop from you hands, so after you recover you would have to get you rifle back too.

Look at 0:43 for a good very very high drop example:

Youtube Video

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Some good jumps with roll at 1:14:

Youtube Video

No way in hell I'd want to try a jump like that in a vest with 60 pounds of gear and holding a rifle.

Please tell me how a soldier with a fully loaded kit and pack is suppose to do a combat roll?

You're posting videos of adrenaline junkie parkour practicioners, they aren't fully laden with combat gear, rifle, supplies etc.

Not to sound like a cunt but its ideas like these which haven't been thought out at all which the dumb fuck devs jump on and put in game.

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First, even if you were a real soldier you would jump from any height if you were about to take and RPG in the face.

Second, the insurgents dont carry too much weight.

Third, the height from which you dont suffer damage can be adjusted depending on weight you carry.