What this game still needs.

In my opinion, more weapon customization, canted sight, magnifiers, more magazines types, more laser types, maybe a remote controlled drone, and more maps! Maps is always, always good.
(a map with tunnels and caves would be cool, varying light and dark areas)
Maps that has a final weapon cache could have some destructible walls, so attacker could create different routes to final cache.

What do you think folks?

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We need Skirmish back and separate Push from Frontline, that's what I think.

Hello @Shadoware . Interesting ideas, I send these to the developpers. 🙂

@shadoware, remote control drones are both realistic for insurgents to have, and would balance out the helicopter meta. Imagine navigating a drone to destroy a helicopter!

It would also add an element of fun because whoever is controlling the drone - the Observer or Commander, would need people to cover them.