Injection bug xbox one

Hi, since I instaled the last updated for The Surge 2 on xbox one today (october 24) I can't use injection when another one injection ability is active. As an exemple if I use Tissu hardening injection I won't be able to use Medi-Voltaic Injection for as long as the Tissu hadening injectable ability is active.

Hello @philkillpro . It's a bit annoying, I send it to the developpers. They will investigate on it.

Thank you, and also I did try again and I thing that it is when the tissu hardening injection is recharging (before you can use it again) that I can't use Medi-Voltaic injection.

Normaly you need to wait until an injection did recharge before you can use that same injection again, but went one type of injection is recharging you still can use another type of injection.

Now when tissu hardening injection is recharging it prevent you to use other type of injection like Medi-Voltaic injection until tissu hardening injection finish to recharge. I thing that is the real actual problem.