Can't romance Anybody


So I made all the quest for each specific compagnon, and made all the good answer, but I'm not able to have the romance trigger to start...i restarted a lot and nothing change saddly... Does it start normally after the end of the quest for a compagnon or I need to go more deeper in the two principal quest.

Hello @CeresVladislas
Who are you trying to romance?
If you answer correctly everytime you speak to the companion and finish all of their personal quest, they will ask you if they can come to your room once you are back to your place. This triggers automatically, once you have finish all of the missions linked to a character and if you talked to them the right way. You will be able to say yes or no once more there. If you choose to spend some...Quality time with them, they will also develop feelings and ask if you love them. If you want to romance several characters, you shouldn't fall in love.

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Hey ! I tried Vasco and did all the good answer. But it didn't trigger the romance conversation.

So after I tried with siora with the good answer. Didn't work too.

I restart the game after and tried Vasco again and it didn't work...

I didn't try all the character at the same time I know that Didn't work Haha

Like each time I restart to try they never ask me if we can meet at my house... I guess it's a bug 😕

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I guess I just have to restart the game again...😅