[Release] Battlefleet Gothic Extended Music Pack

Made a BFG (Combination of 1 and 2 plus additional tracks) Music mod pack for BFG2 upon request.
As the base game heavily relies on remixes of about 5 different tracks, this mod adds a lot of variety to the mix and includes previously unused tracks from BFG1 (22 new tracks total, about 5 times more than the base game!).
Works for multiplayer as well without issue.
Custom Menu, campaign and battle music.
For other mods feel free to check out the Modding section of the wiki here: http://bfga2.wikidot.com/wiki:modding

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Beautiful work, I love the music and voice acting of the first game!

Thanks for great mod. I always wanted original BFG music to be included in the base game.

Had some issues installing it with mod manager, it seems like manager have some issue handling stock game pak file. I've managed to get it working by using older method, by manually putting stock pak file to other folder, instead of leaving it at base pak folder. Not sure if the issue is on my end, but probably something to be looked at?

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@Dire_Venom Hi, the download link no longer works - can you please reupload the mod? I would love to us it! Thanks a lot!