Sandstorm Android Rcon App is now live on google play and it's FREE!

Sandstorm Android Rcon App: CIS Admin is now in full production on the google play store.

This app is free with no advertisements.

Visit to download.

Android version 6.0 or higher required.

Join our discord for more information on the app and on future updates/features:

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what's this app about?

@Alilolo said in Sandstorm Android Rcon App is now live on google play!:

what's this app about?

Gives Server Owners/Operators access remotely for their server

Map change, kicking, banning etc etc

already downloaded it - thank you 🙂

it seems like the message system needs a redo though; I am somehow not able to send saved custom messages ...

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@bahzooga Hi. Once you have saved the messages you should be able to click on a player name and send those messages. If you still have problems could you please clarify further what the problem is? Don't forget that you have to specify a category for the custom messages; it could be either:

Or all of the above.

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There will be further tweaks and changes to the gui as the app progresses.

@TokaiTele I would not have thought that the messages were meant to be sent to individuals. Usually, you would send a message broadcast like motd or general info but not necessarily to a single player...

Welll you are wrong. Sometimes you need to send messages to single players such as "Slow down" or a warning for teamkilling etc.

I am releasing an update today that does have broadcast messages. But yes, the current implementation is, you click on a player to either send a message and/or kick/ban and send a message on why you kicked or banned them.

Also, you can send broadcast messages, at present you have to type them in each time. So, all the functionality you want is there you just aren't looking hard enough dude.

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New update rolled out.

Version 2.2.1

New features:

1] Added custom 'Broadcast' feature. You can now save a custom message and 'Broadcast' this to the server.
2] Added Frontline game mode to the map change screen.

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Hotfix being deployed.

There seems to be a problem with the custom map support
I keep getting the unable to load assets error
I can see the maps I save, but when I try to load them it wont let me choose security or insurgents