insurgents´ destruction task on coop

one thing about the weapon cache I thought of the other day is the thing that in real life, insurgents would not blow up the weapon cache but rather grab all stuff they can. While this would entail some sort of transport back to base or similar, the task for the insurgents could be changed to eg "blow up the radio station", "bomb the hotel", "kill the infidels" or somesuch ...

I would think that this may not entail too much effort to program in; what do you guys think?

I agree, destroying weapon caches, then taking over and defending gets repetitive. The whole PvE aspect could use a bit more variety. I really would enjoy a mission generator using the existing maps, that would randomly spawn a set of objectives upon each game.

Possible objectives for Security:

  • find and disarm a strategically placed IED
  • disrupt enemy communications network by destroying a satelite dish or a radio mast
  • kill a HVT that is in hiding
  • cut off supplies by intercepting and destroying a truck full of weapons

Possible objectives for Insurgents:

  • destroy a strategic place by placing and discharging an IED
  • escort a truck full of weapons out of the danger zone
  • establish communications with other cells to send a call for reinforcements
  • protect a HVT in hiding

Even a dynamic mission system for PvE would be quite something. There's so much more potential in PvE, you guys just gotta really give it some more love (I'm talking to the developers).