Seperate the modes!!!

this was said 20.000 times on this forum.

  1. Bring back skirmish
  2. sperate the modes don't have them in stupid playlist it kills the playerbase!
  3. you killed Competetive leave it for now! get the Game back on its feet first! then you can do stuff about Competetive!

Love this studio, but the last decisions made were horrible!
I really hope that this Game still has a good future but you gotta have to act NOW!

Hello @FloppyCDdrive,

Thanks for giving us your feedback regarding the latest changes with Sandstorm. I'll pass this on to the team.

@chaton You need to do something fast as @FloppyCDdrive said, otherwise the game will die soon. Every day I enter the game I see less and less players.
I don't want this game to die!

yeah, its frustrating. i want play frontline mode, but you cant search for frontline only. if i join the match, it finds only push mode server. i hate this mode. why not seperate the modes like before?