Consistent Playlist

Can we please stop with the constant play list change up?

Just stick with the few main game modes that insurgency is known for and then add in mumbo jumbo playlist?

Push and frontlines?

  • seriously? they are ALMOST the same game modes. the diversity is not impressive at all.
  • all people do is sit around and pick off people trying to cap.
    -the noobs dont care but not play the objective.
  • ive tried on many occcasions to give advice peacefully. but to no avail.

I am a firefight fan, although it doesnt get the love i'd like, the whole list was screwed up because of this new system update. The servers need some adjusting or just plainly do by server join like the original insurgency.

Also, not being to fire my weapon while jumping or in air on some occasions is painfully annoying just staring the eneny not being able to shoot my gun.

I will forever play this game, i love it. thats the only reason why i even care to make these posts lol, the game is too incredible to not have the right playlist in order for the people that have played since the beginning isnt caught with these bullshit game modes.


I notice half the players online are always playing coed, although i dont care for it, embrace the online play to pop some servers 🙂

thank you 🙂

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Hello @josephiorio,

Thanks for your feedback. I'll share your thread with the devs.