What I’d love to see next

I would love to see a Greedfall 2 where there’s a new threat to the northern part of the island. But also a continuation of the first Greedfall where we could still go to all the old clans and allies. We could see a continuation of our love interest, if you chose to have one or start one with new characters and allies. New beasts and it would be nice to be able to romance your love interest more than once. It would also be nice to be able to level up the attributes and talents faster.

This game was one of the best storylines I’ve played through. It was an amazing game and I already want to play it again and see what happens if I choose the alternate ending. Everyone involved did an incredible job. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I'd just like to see this game working...without all these bugs. Don't worry about Greedfall 2 until Greedfall is fixed!

Considering that there weren’t a lot of people working on this like Bethesda or Square Enix I think they did very well.

I'd like to see the story progress in a sequel. The foundation is really good. Teer Fradee is a world capable of many more stories and quests.

And as OP states 'Spider' is a small team. But I think they have created a fantastic quality RPG. There might be a few bugs here and there. But every game has those.

I am actually amazed about all the graphical designs. Especially cities feels pretty realistic. In the open nature you also get a good feeling (despite the invisible borders...grrr...).
The characters are actually very unique. The general face designs are not seen anywhere else. And then you have the Nauts. They really bring some color into this game. The natives and their culture are also really well created - and fascinating.
Every special character is memorable in a strong way. And who doesn't find Siora absolutely adorable?

The game is exiting but still relaxing. I enjoy it very much.

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Thank you so much guys for the love and support!
We are really grateful and the whole Spiders team is still amazed by the reception.
Thanks for your suggestions, they will be sent to Spiders so they can pinpoint what the community wants.
Have a great one!