Title ^^

The player names in the HUD are supposed to display only you are looking at someone directly. But, I frequently look at a team mate and his name does not display. Also, teammates are usually not standing still for very long so identifying them when moving around is even harder.
To cap it all, the text size of the player names is too small which makes it impossible for my ageing eyes (50+) to read properly.

And when someone speaks on VOIP, it's near impossible to see which player is transmitting. Sure, I see his name tag pop up on the left of screen, but locating that player using the HUD is usually impossible (for reasons mentioned above: disappearing names, names not showing correctly, and too small to read)

What I'd like to see is this:

  • Have an option to change the font size (I want it 2x bigger please)

  • Have an option to display player names all the time (or at least within, say, 100m)

  • When someone speaks on VOIP, their player "diamond" and/or name should highlight/blink/change colour momentarily so we can see who's talking.