Pistols Only is not Pistols Only (another fail) :(

What are you doing? First you make a temporary mode called Brain em, headshots only, but it was full with grenades and RPG players because those weapons were not removed. Now you make a pistol only mode but you can kill the AI and pickup their weapons and even resupply them at the crates. So no one is playing with pistols. I give up on these temporary modes since they are all implemented badly, like no one at your company ever brainstormed about it first and it's implemented impulsively and there's absolutely no logic in it. Another thing I don't like besides all these weird mistakes is that it's heavenly focused on co-op play insted of the Versus mode. I don't want to play against bots, they are too easy, everyone just has 40/3 kill/death ratios. Ever since you removed TDM from the official server you keep making strange changes to the game and it's all implemented so badly. I wish it was different because the core mechanics of the game is so good ๐Ÿ˜ž

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I agree that pistols only should be pistols only, it would be a lot more fun. This mode is nonsensical.

I find versus to be unplayable because I get sniped or spawn killed constantly. I enjoy co-op.

whatยดs your problem? if you want to stay with your pistol stick to it and leave the loot alone.
the possibility to pick up and resupply a scavaged weapon still makes every round unpredictable because you never know what you will get and you cannot simply go and get your all-time favorite loadout and sniper the shit out of everybody ...
we have been playing the pistols only on my coop server for a while now and everybody is really enjoying it very much combined with hardcore

Hello @Mrs_Ragdoll,

Thanks for your feedback. I'll share your thread with devs.

@bahzooga The OP's point is that "Pistols only" does not mean "Pistols only".
Suggest you grab a dictionary and look up the word "only".

An actual pistols-only game would be cool (no rifles - only pistols)

I play co-op so I can only comment on that. She speaks the truth, no one is playing with pistols because it isn't enforced. Once a person starts using a rifle, it pretty much zaps the fun out of the "Pistols in Arms" mode. In reality it should be called "Pistols in Arms until you pick up a rifle from the dead AI" mode.

Anyway, @Mrs_Ragdoll I'd suggest you try co-op more often. It seriously isn't as easy as it looks... despite someone having a 40/3 KDR, this doesn't indicate that the human team is winning. The AI is equipped with instant-targeting-once-seen (even through walls), Chris Kyle-like molotov aim, and a commander. Oh yeah, and the AI become ninjas when you're not looking and poke you to death. Having played Counter-Strike for about 10 years, the AI is hard to out-aim sometimes.

@Congas why? of course it is "pistols only" - at the start of the round; then things develop ... life is not static but a continuous process of development and evolution ๐Ÿ™‚

Pistols only is stupid.
No one is forced to use only a pistol, you can freely pickup a gun, you still get points in pistol only whilst using anything but a pistol.

What's the point of having custom modes IF THE MODE ISNT ENFORCED?
I've done pistols only rounds back since insurgency first come out, yet having mutators which aren't enforced is stupid - its like playing a game of instagib on unreal tournament but the redeemer still spawns

Yeah, Pistols Only should be Pistols Only.

Not...........Pistols until you can gear up with Assault Rifles Only...........lol

Pistols Only should be Pistols Only. Or any XYZ weapon only. That's label on the tin. When the bots started using normal guns I thought it was a bug and started to troubleshooting. If this was intentional I am mystfied as to why.

The other problem with pistols only is ammo if you are on a high bot server, there is just not enough bullets and pistols don't drop anymore. Need some sort of weapon catagory limited infinite ammo mutator. When I say high bot count I mean you will run out of ammo even on an LMG like the m249 with heavy carrier.

I am fine with keeping the throwables.

Maybe it would be better if the bots only dropped a pistol or pistol ammo when you killed them (ie they no longer drop their primary weapon).

@Congas said in Pistols Only is not Pistols Only (another fail) ๐Ÿ˜ž:

Maybe it would be better if the bots only dropped a pistol or pistol ammo when you killed them (ie they no longer drop their primary weapon).

It would be better if the retarded developers responsible knew what the fuck a mutator actually was, go play ANY game with a "only mode", you can see that its a enforced mutator and yet the ins ss devs clearly didn't ever pass basic english since they have no idea WHAT THE FUCK "ONLY" ENTITLES.