Find queen bladnid quest not triggering

Find Queen Bladnid quest not triggering-
Siora continues to say “your busy we’ll talk later” quest won’t trigger. Suggestions?
I’ve already restarted the game from this issue.

I have exactly the same problem. The quest is among my sidequests and there is the instruction "talk to Siora to help her find her mother", but when I talk to Siora, she says "we'll talk later" and the conversation neither proceeds anywhere nor changes... I tried restarting, finishing the current quest, initiating the conversation in various locations, nothing helps...

Hello @cgdnq8 . Thank you for your report, I send it to the developpers. On wich platform do you play ?

@Reymey In my case (I have the same problem as @cgdnq8 ) I play on Windows 10, 64bit... I installed the game through Steam so I suppose it should be updated to the current version...(?)

Hello @Alatyr108 . Yes, normally, this problem is solved. But, both of you, do you have Siora in your team when you follow the quest ?

@Reymey Yes, I had always Siora in my team when I tried to start the quest by talking to her. OK, that's true, I haven't tried not having her in the team. I will try that.

@Reymey Now I tried that, I returned to De Sardet residence and exchanged her for somebody else, I initiated conversation with her while not having her on the team, but still the same result "you are busy, we'll talk later" ...

Ok, maybe you already have a quest with another companion ? And it's lock on this character.

@Reymey Thank you for that advice! Yes, this was it. I had locked Vasco. Now it works, the quest is unblocked. 🙂 Anyway, it is not very intuitive system.

Nice. Have fun and enjoy Greedfall 🙂