there have been a few around but I thought I might just throw in my two cents as well.
so, here is my wish list for community server configuration options:

  • "xyz primary only mode" with added sidearm
  • "no scopes" mode
  • "no explosives" mode
  • limit commander to 0/1 (play w/o or limit to one)
  • team setup grid (e.g. 14 gunners only, or 8 rifleman, 4 snipers, etc - includes the above commander limit)
  • commander points allow swapping artillery points for helicopter (e.g. no arty at all but 2x2 choppers)
  • carrier points allow swapping mags/drums for clips (e.g. 3 drums and 8 pistol clips)
  • carrier points allow swapping mags/drums/clips for grenades (e.g. no mags but 14 grenades)
  • dead players/bots should drop sidearms as well
  • bipod availability for all rifles
  • scopes for sidearms
  • flip scope functionality for existing flip scopes
  • digital scopes (e.g. ATN X-Sight 5-18x)
  • band-aid / bandages to go into carrier points, facilitating "field medic class"
  • hud modification (no identifier, no objective, no team, no nothing)