Welcome to the 20r!

The 20r is a large multi gaming clan that’s been around since 2014.
We have a heavy presence within the casual and competitive scenes in multiple games within the NA and EU regions and currently are recruiting members for our Insurgency: Sandstorm NA unit.
We are currently looking for people to participate in weekly events Casually and are looking for other people to enjoy the game with.
We are a gaming community full of people from all around the world who want to experience their favorite games in an organized setting.

We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favorite games. This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation to uphold a robust community structure. We go for quality over quantity, where every member represents the 20r as a whole.
You the player will always be our priority and our staff team and officers will do anything in their power to make your experience enjoyable and stress free.
If you have any questions feel free to join our discord (

Things we provide for you:

-Friendly and understanding environment
-Structured staff team whose priority it is to ensure your enjoyment withing the 20r.
-Chain of command, ranks, awards and leadership roles.
-Discord server full of interaction
-Guaranteed weekly events
-Chance to meet and discover new people and new games.
[Squad leader can add anything here if the Squad owns any servers or does anything else that would warrant a mention. If the squad is casual mention the possibility to join the competitive part of the squad if one exists.]

Active Comms,
Mature personality,
A thick skin that can take banter we talk shit and take shit,
Be active within the clan
Be age 16+
Attend events regularly

We will hold most events on Saturdays at around 10-11PM CST

Real life always comes first. You will not be punished for not attending an event if the Squad Leader has been informed.

Does the 20r sound like something you would like to be a part of, or do you still have questions ?
Join our discord to fill out an application or if you have any questions. (an application is not required to just come and chill with us)

If you have further questions feel free to contact us on discord or steam
Unit Squad Lead:
Moist Ramen#6969

Clan Recruiter:

                    [Pvt] Jpm Recruitment Officer