I wish they'd bring back TDM...

The developers keeps saying they want a better experience for new players. Team Death Match provided exactly that, but then they took it away from official servers as part of some weird experiment that nobody (including the devs) quite understands.

TDM is now totally dead (unless I want to play alone vs bots on a 150 ping server).
It's dead because you killed it.

Please please bring Team Death Match back. There are quite a lot of players who want it back.

It will make your game more FUN with both oldies (including me) and newbies alike...

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The devs dont give a shit dude, they killed the game with retarded decisions from day 1, even the community manager and liason officer ignores half the threads and the ones they respond in its the automated bot type reply of "thank you, we'll send this to the dev team"

Keep adding shit no one wants and keep ignoring shit people do want, see how long this game lasts when its predecessor is still a much more successful title

@Depleted I agree. They appear to be behaving as if the game were still in beta. Maybe they should all stop smoking weed (legal in Canada of course) for a few days, let their heads clear....

@Congas Nah man at this point the game is far beyond the point of no return, it's dead and they keep making it worse.