Security Flight Gloves Visual Clipping Bug

This bug was reintroduced since the latest patch 😞 (it was bugged and fixed this way a few months ago) 20191005234517_1.jpg 20191005234522_1.jpg

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Bump. How is it possible something like this was re-introduced?

Hello @Bronbin,

Thanks for the screenshots. I'll pass it on to our QA team!

I hope you don't worry if I use this thread...

this reminds me on a little "bug" I have encountered with soft padded gloves and haven't reported it yet...

I need to look if it's there with other camos...
edit: at least the Tropentarn has this, too...



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Hey @lt_delay,

It's alright! Thanks for the screenshots! I'll pass them on to our QA team!