Sheathed weapons?

Any plans on adding sheathed weapons to game? It really bugs me that my primary weapon just kinda comes out of nowhere...very immersion breaking

Hello @hoova666
This is quite a common suggestion. It was sent to our team. I can't assure you it will be added but I can assure you they are aware of it 🙂 I'll keep you updated on this matter if it gets added to the game.

Two years later and this issue is still incredibly irritating. It may seem petty, but this is the reason I'm not buying the game. Due to my PC recently suffering GPU failure and the current prices for replacement being prohibitive, I am relegated to console gaming. This of course means I'm unable to utilize mods traditionally available on the PC to fix questionable design decisions/bugs on the developers part.

I played through the first couple hours thanks to game pass, and I enjoyed this game a lot except for this incredibly annoying issue. Npcs walking around have visible weapons, Kurt does 50% of the time, and my character, never. There's no consistency and it's preventing me from enjoying an otherwise great game and as such I'll not be purchasing.

I would implore the developers to release a patch fixing this bug. It may seem small but I guarantee I'm not the only person bothered by this sort of thing. If the excuse for not including this basic feature has to do with clipping issues, a simple toggle would suffice to allow players to pick their poison. Many games feature the ability to hide helmets for instance, a similar system would be nice.

Furthermore your modelers spent time creating these weapon assets, a variety of guns and melee weapons that took many hours to make are never able to be appreciated because they only show up in combat encounters which require the player to pay attention to the threats.

I hope you will patch this bug (and does seem to be a bug considering some npcs have visible weapons some of the time), or consider allowing some mod support on consoles.

Thank you.