Unable to publish map, no autogenerate preview


I cannot get any new map mod to load into the game. Should be seemless.

When I click the autogenerate button on the publish mod popup, nothing happens.
The mod uploads and appears in my mod list when I subscribe but does not appear in the map selection window of the game.


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Is your mod/map present in the folder?
The error shows that it isn't (prebuild or classes files for trucks)

I tried to publish a completely new level on another computer and I have the same problem. This time when I click on publish, the 'Add truck, addon, or terrain to auto-generate preview for the mod!' pops up.

All the levels I have tried to upload on both computers are all at zero bytes in the workshop!?


So i had removed "level_" from the filename.

walks away in shame

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No shame for an honest mistake, bro. We've all been there and done that. 🙂
Glad to see you figured it out! 👍