Please bring back the option to just play push again

Please, please, please don't force players to play a less popular gamemode just to give it exposure (if that is your reason). We love push. Looking at the number of player across the servers it seems most of the of the player base were playing push too.

Please allow us just to play push again. We really don't enjoy playing Firefight.


There were 400+ people playing push and 1 playing frontline this whole time. People clearly want to play push. Wtf is wrong with these guys?

It's not really that people don't want to play, it's just stupid you can queue for only one gamemode at the time, and showing player count is also bad. Nobody will play the less popular gamemodes because they can see that no one is playing.
And don't speak for the whole community, yes most of the community is playing push, but not everyone.
But yeah they have to do something with this mess that is matchmaking.

Agreed completely!

Instead of improving the game, the matchmaking times are so long and the best gamemodes were sent to the "corner".
Push and team deatmatch are no longer on the main menu... Competitive games take 10 or more minutes to start...

Instead of improving those points, devs create stupid gamemodes that no one is interested

I agree with OP, not being able to pick the game mode(s) you want to play has made trying to find a good game a bit like playing Russian Roulette, with most of the time you're not going to get the mode you and your friends wanted to play, to the point of some giving up and wanting to play a different game...

Having a checkboxes for all the different modes you're interested in playing like before was a far better solution as then if you where ok with playing any mode, or just some, you could check the ones you wanted to play and if it was only one mode, then you had the option of only looking for that one and not being forced to play a mode you don't enjoy, which as I said before, can easily result in players quitting the game.

Please go back to the old system or something similar so you can choose which modes you want to play. Thanks!

@kotkreskowy460 if people really wanted to play frontline they would have clicked the frontline button. People that play push had no problem clicking the push button.

@MLB7 So you would wait ages to play your beloved push if it was the least populated one? Or choose the most popular one to at least find a game quick?

@kotkreskowy460 I would play frontline or quit the game if it was reversed. I wouldn't force people to play a mode they didn't want to play just so I could play.

@kotkreskowy460 I agree with MLB7 and there simply should just be an option to search for both types of gamemode, like there was before if players are concerned about waiting for a populated server.
But what I and my friends have found is that before this change, finding a fully populated server wasn't an issue, it has only been since after this change that it has, even with being forced to search both modes.... Now all we seem to find is servers that are only 1/2 full....

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Would someone from NWI please comment on this? I’m tired of Firefight and just want to be able to choose Push again. Forcing players to play a mode by mixing it in with a popular one is not, in my opinion, a good way of getting players to try it/play it. Triple XP for 2 weeks for that mode only might be a better way to attract players without forcing it on them?

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