Firefight is large-scale(12v12) again..?

I just noticed you have changed the Firefight gamemode back to 12 versus 12 players. Will this change be permanent?

There are already Push & Frontline mode for those that enjoy more large-scale battles. Would it be possible that Firefight remains a more small/tactical and not so hectic gamemode, 8vs8 was just fine for it.
I would play 5vs5 competetive, if it had any players..

Yes man... They are changing every week the game modes and rules because they don't know what are doing, I think they don't play their own game and they can't know what is the real state of the game. I want a more tactical and realistic Sandstorm, I prefer an 8v8 firefight mode than 12v12 because is more near to 5v5 competitive mode, and please, come back skirmish to the game list with 12v12, there are people like me that hate COOP and Push.

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