The Nauts Secrets- The Enemy within-Dead-drop Bug

Hello there,

I have a bug in the Naut Side-quest The Enemy Within. I shall try to explain without spoilers,

After I follow the suspect I am given the choice to either arrest her/him on the spot or to investigate the Dead-drop, if I choose to Investigate the Drop and go to the Box DeSardet will Say something along the lines of "Better not touch it, no one should know we know of this". There is a button prompt to Examine it, but unfortunately the only thing happening is him saying those lines.

I Also had a bug previously in the mission when you go to the dead drop first.
After I caught the first messenger the game would go back to telling me to wait by the Dead-drop, If i went back the exact same thing happened again. I fixed that by simply going to the Admiral which seemed to fix it.

I tried reloading and restarting multiple times, no luck tough.

I am playing on a PS4 Pro.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi There,

my game fixed itself somehow.
Went back to the mission to check what the Button Prompt said and what exactly DeSardet was saying.
Then it worked without problems, picked up the box and finished the mission.


So what did you do when you encountered the problem? Did you just leave to do other quests and then returned?