Skalgrim Mod v1.5


[Mod] Skalgrim mod v.1.5 is now released
V.1.5 Major Eldar Overhaul.

This version of the Skalgrim mod includes several new ships, balancing and further work on the original mod with a focus on Eldar.

Changelog: Major changes from 1.4.1:

*All factions Escort and Frigates are now alot cheaper. In earlier versions they were made reduntant, but now they are much cheaper and as such can be used more freely to trick the enemy, scout or even suicide-ram enemy ships if you so choose.

*All factions Titans have gotten a big health increase. They died to fast in earlier versions for their often massive pts cost.

*All campaign factions, except Tyranids, get a BS or Titan as a starting ship. People were complaining that Imperial and Necron starts were to hard - now Necron is easy as you get the Cairn Annihilator. Imperial is Medium difficulty as you get the new Agamemnon Battleship for Spire.

*New titans and Battleships and a MAJOR overhaul of Eldar factions.

Major Eldar Changes from original game:

General Description: I'v rebalanced all the eldar factions, added new ships, changed and rebalanced most abilities. The most important change is that the three diffrent factions now play differently in certain regards. Also their holofields/shadowfields are now alot better so they will take less damage in general while moving or keeping their shields up. Their eldar movement abilities have been buffed alot which makes them faster.


Are weak, but very fast. They have constant regen on their ships - since they are in essence "living" ships made out of Wraithbone, a psychoactive substance that can mend itself. They are a medium to long range faction with very powerfull weaponry and deadly torpedoes.

New Titan: Cegorath (replaces the Vaul Eclipse class cruiser)

This very fast titan is one of the most well armed titans in the game. While having far less armor and health than other titans, it has the advantage of speed, and blistering firepower. A glass cannon in every right with a deadly salvo of torpedoes capable of destroying any Battleship with a well placed salvo.

Craftworld Eldar:

Their ships are slow, for eldar, but also very heavily armored, especially in the front. They also have constant regen on their ships as they also use Wraithbone. They are short to medium ranged, but do very high amounts of damage at that distance.

New Battleship:Flame of Asuryan (Replaces the Starfall/Dragonship IV Cruiser)

This is a powerfull, but expensive Battleship capable of going to to toe with any other Battleship in the game. It has lots of weapons, high armorlevel, and the Hellfire beam cannon special weapon - meaning that its a very capable Heavy ship hunter that can strike, and then retreat.


Their ships are very fast, but weak with low armor. They are medium to long range and work best by "sniping" of enemy ships and then retreating. Their main focus is raiding parties that overwhelm the enemy forces and kill of their crews. They do not have wraithbone constructs and thus lack the constant regen of the other eldar factions.Changing between firing modes are usefull depending on which ships you use as the Dark Lance has been buffed.

New Titan: Spear of Khaine (Replaces Balefull Gaze light cruiser)

This is a carrier titan that has lots of torpedoes, fighters/bombers, and a fair amount of lances and missiles. Its weaker than many other titans, but still has more than enough health for it to be dangerous, like all other Eldar ships hit and run tactics are usable for this Titan.

Other new ships for other factions:

Agamemnon, a Battleship for Imperial Navy. (Replaces Lunar Cruiser)

Anubis, a Titan for Necrons (Replaces the Cruiser Scythe Harrower)

This is the biggest Titan so far for Necrons. Its a very slow, but ultra powerfull ship. It has more weapons, and life, than any other Necron ship. Its also VERY expensive.

Enjoy the updated version!

Link to the mod:


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