Plans for a sequel?

I think we can all agree that Greedfall is a fantastic game and we all love it! The world and lore are incredibly interesting and I'm aching to play around with them more. Are there any plans for another game in the same world? It almost seems a shame to leave such a rich setting to a single game.

Hello guys,
There is currently no plan for a sequel to GreedFall. We are currently working on post-launch support and releasing work-arounds, fixes and updates.
If it ever changes though, we will reveal all of this on our social medias and on the forums so no worries 🙂 !

It is obvious I am replying extremely late, but the game is absolutely amazing. My only disappointment is that there is no more gameplay to be done. I wish to continue the romance between Siora and Lady DeSardet . I am unsatisfied with the ending of Siora spending most of her time with Lady DeSardet. Once the romance starts is should continue, but alas it has ended with her teacher speaking about his student’s great accomplishments.The romance is needed, not them getting to bed and then Lady becoming Siora’s Minundhanem. Nonetheless it was an extremely beautiful game. Starting the game at extreme was extreme at the start but is became increasingly easier. I went with Tactical even though being a magician is op, Tactical seems much more fun and challenging.

It would be very sad to not have a sequel to Greed fall. I loved this game. One of the best RPG games I've played in decades. Would of liked to have seen De Sardet and and seora have children and get married in her ways. Would of also liked to seen them have more important roles together. I also liked that Vasco he played a key role in the game but with him I would of liked to use his ship and sail off to other areas. But if you guys make a sequel please keep the same cast I think they all played key roles in the fantastic game. Plz plz make a sequel.

I hope one day to see another addition to this universe, because it was amazing? I really wish there was a prequel of sorts set more in Old Serene and even the other kingdoms! I've had to start the game over several times because there was something very compelling about the old city.

Still hoping. But I'm aware that it comes down to number of copies sold in the end, and I hope you have sold more than expected!

My opinion is still that this universe is to unique to close down.
I play a lot of roleplay (in fact only to be honest) and Greedfall definitely have a large potential you rarely see.

I know you are a small development team and I think it's amazing what you have accomplished. The game as a whole have exactly the same feeling and quality as the major existing games. Greedfall is a game you just don't forget. It gets under your skin.