Please make japan server for East asian players.

So, i posted this on steam forum, but i heard Devs rarely look at it, so i post it here as well.

devs. Asian servers are literally unplayable cuz server is in singapore(SEA) when almost everyone lives in East Asia.
Look at this picture.

literally everyone has ping over 100. some over 150 and almost 200.
Thats how the server is too far from everyone in asia region.

please make another asian server in japan or hongkong, wherever but in east asia at least.
Its no fun to play with rubberbanding, bullet disappearing, and all the other issues related to ping.

Its no use making dedicated servers, cuz noone ever plays it.

original link:

EDIT: i saw the player population picture and it seems japan server is just not feasible.

So i change idea to this.

Change the asia server location to Hong Kong. (or taiwan).

Look at the screenshot.

That way, every playing region has around the same distance from the server, making ping usually less than 80 for mass average.

The current server distance is way to far from beijing, seoul, tokyo, where 3 nations players are mostly located and therefore everyone suffers from 100+ pings.

Please seriously consider this NWI.

rip my Indonesian internet

Hello @MeidoSakuya,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this issue.
It'll be passed on to NWI.