Is this game still fun?

Apart from all the Technical problems, maps, content, game design, AI, servers, etc., is this game still fun even after a year since the beta was opened? Its gotten a few new maps, new weapons, and a lot of changes but this game is becoming stale like battlefield V. Replaying the 2014 game is much more enjoyable now as it feels like a game you can dedicate hours and hours into again.

I can't compare it to how it was previously because I recently started playing, but I do think it's fun and worth the money I spent. I played Insurgency 1 a fair bit and this just feels like an improvement. I particularly like the maps, how you play them from different directions and all around they are very enjoyable to me. I almost exclusively play PvP so I can't speak for any AI issues. My biggest problem has been random crashing, but it's seldom enough to not really bother me that much.

@burntflames, I relate to your question.

Having played this game since the Alpha, I have struggled often since the release playing for extended periods. I recently revisited INS2014 and Day of Infamy and found that both are still fun to play, and more consistently so than Sandstorm has been.

The key takeaways for me is that the earlier games were more fun because they have tighter map design, leading to less accumulated time wasted running, and had server vote and server continuity, allowing players to bond and learn from one another.

The tides have now shifted, and Sandstorm is starting to feel like a more consistently fun game. The arcade modes like TDM and Frenzy are super fun, fast moving, and great training actually. Hardcore coop, the newly contained Skirmish mode, and the mutated modes offer a variety of experiences for different playstyles. I've had a lot of fun so far in bolt-action only Push and the starting at 0 point Coop mode. We can now see which game modes are populated, and we can vote for a map and keep playing with the same crew. In addition, the ports of Ministry and Sinjar (Hillside) are pretty darn good, and better than the originals. Imagine if NWI decides to import and improve all INS2014 maps, and assists the community in importing the fantastic DOI maps?

The irony is, I still play very little Push, although that was by far my favorite mode in the original, and I never play firefight. I am finding now though that whatever my mood, I can often find a style in Sandstorm to match it.

I tend to rotate around games a bit. Play one until I get a little tired of it, then move on to another title.

Wait for a few patches, come back, see what's new.

It really helps. You don't get burned out on a game, and when you get back it feels new.

Go ahead and give it a rest for a bit, then come back! 🙂

Sometimes its awesome, other times I want to gouge my eyes out lol. When the AI gets too strong and goes on one shotting rampages, it is not fun at all. The past week it has not been fun.

The game is dead, 0 dev support, no competitive scene, people only play COOP and push. Is a good game but not a good studio.

Are they still adding Ambush ?

"Imagine if NWI decides to import and improve all INS2014 maps"

Allahu Akbar my brothers. Since we learnt about the one true prophet and the power of ins2014 this has been the dream. The victories in that game was unequalled, both from map design and optimization. Pray for the nonexistant gamers and programmers that would be needed for darude sandstorm developer side.

The forces are with them if they find the extreme iq of copy paste earlier victory