So will Imperial Navy get a buff ?

So will Imperial Navy get a buff ?

Hi, there I really like the game, problem is since addition of new factions Imperial Navy is some kind of the weakest in the rooster. During the BETA they were just way too powerful with the Nova Cannons , after the nerf not really revisited. They have best favours, but in my opinion worst ships.

Torpedoes are useless, anybody takes carriers to the fight, so you have no frontal weapons,
ram does sound easy, but you need first to catch your enemies.
And Nova Cannons miss their targets all the time.

Vs new Factions they have really hard time
Marines simply have more weapon systems.(frontal weapons)
Tau do simply shred them on any encounter.

Well I know we have a good balance, but it could be better. I would like to see well some swaps on the stats to see more people online to give the game another chance and try.

Can you buff from time to time some of the weakest factions ?

Veritatem Imperialis mod does get in my opinion it really good, with enable some light cruisers carriers and Nova Cannons that can hit precisely on a small area. So why not ?

Talking about Mod balance, I was wanting to ask, do people find the new additions too strong?
The Nova Cannon is a bit broken, 3 of them doing 900 True damage with no deviation in their shots. That I really want to get changed, but progress is difficult and other modders don't agree fully on what should be done with it.
But the ships are a curiosity of mine, as input has been minimal.

Take the Mercury for example:
+Its as fast as a light cruiser
+It has weapons that can't miss
+Long Ranged

=Has a nova Cannon (in my opinion its a + but mileage may vary)
=Average Armour

-Has less hp
-Slow rate of fire
-No AP, or way of giving AP, to most of its weapons (The laser broadsides being non-AP lance-like weapons without the Macro cannons ability to have an upgrade for short range AP).

Its been a ship of much debate, and as the main modder in charge of balance, I want more input on it.
good/bad/ok? changes? Any input is appreciated.

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Would also like some feedback on the various other warships added in the mod. The battleships are also a cause for much debate, as is the enforcer.

1 I would like to see changes in the game, not in the mod, to play vs other people online.
Like get a second Battleships to their rooster, so you can fight Tau, Orcs and Marines.
You can take only 1 while marines have 2 battle barges and tau 2 demiurgs, no chance.

2 Problem in the game is simply you can't certain factions adjust to fights vs other factions.
The more ships you have to choose the better.


3 @ CALiGeR_Reborn Your mod rocks and is really good. Most people don't realize play vs AI is always too easy simply because you do outsmart the AI. Real person would simply take the right chips and go to close combat vs Novas, they wouldn't have a chance.
If you do for example play 1500 battle vs orcs, they go close combat and can really easy take down your fleet, you can maybe kill off some of them, but once in close combat you can't use the novas, so they easy ram you down.

In your Mod Novas are good, new ships rock!

imperials have some of the weakest favors and some of the best ships
i dont understand how you switched those around
torpedoes have their function since not everyone brings carrier and even if they do there are ways to clear a defensive screen or use them to herd
for runners there are novas or even torps so dont get kited and remember you have running silent and clouds to use
novas are also accurate enough, 1 in 3 misses and even then their aoe is bigger then it looks often damaging with what looks like a miss
if you can use a disruption bomb and fire them at 9k they can do great stuff
before that they can take out annoying scout escorts in a safer way then any other faction
an increase in fleet slots would be nice for everyone but that also means other fleets get more specialized builds for everything they fight so it wont make things easier for imps
a retribution can take on a BB btw if you can get him without him bracing your ramming spike will give you the advantage and all those frontal weapons can be taken out with a single crit, combine that with a less focused harder to dodge and bigger torp volley is all you need to get an advantage vs a barge
especially since a retri isnt your dps its your tank if you have some mars to support

Imperial are the weakest?

Eldar say hello.

@Romeo said in So will Imperial Navy get a buff ?:

Imperial are the weakest?

Eldar say hello.

Since when did Eldar live long enough to get a full sentence out? 😛

@Bosie Bwa ha ha ha ha.

You're awesome. 😆

@Wulfrik-Hammer it is possible to use the mod for multiplayer, but both players must have the mod. If you can organise to be online at the same time as another mod user, you can use the mod for any of the multiplayer modes.